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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Simple Moncler / Country Size Conversion Chart for Mens Clothing.

As pointless as this seems, brands display their products sizes differently, and as a consumer it doesn’t exactly make life easier when buying online. So to make your life easier, we’ve combined all the size guides we could find and removed any irrelevant BS.

Mens Designer Clothing Brands Size Conversion Moncler
See chart above for country and brand conversion


Brands tend to label the size of clothing based on the country they originate from, for example C.P. Company use Italian sizing (which is the same as EU Sizing) and Bape use Japanese Sizing (which is 1 size different to UK /USA sizing). Other brands such as Stone Island (although they originate in Italy), will label their clothing according to the country the item will be sold in. Then you have brands like Moncler which use their own sizing which ranges from 00 - 6. *Note Moncler typically fits smaller than stated size, see the description below listings for measurements and fit.


Prada Size Label On Blue Jacket Showing Size 50 Equivalent To Size Large Mens
1) PRADA - Size label states size EU 50 which converts to UK / USA Large.

Moncler Size Label On Red Jacket Showing Size 2 Equivalent To Size Medium Mens
2) MONCLER - States Moncler size 2, which converts to a UK / USA size Medium.

Palm Angels Monogram Trousers Size Label Showing CA G Equivalent Large Mens
3) PALM ANGELS - This example shows 2 sizes, one UK / USA size which is Large and a Canada Fr (CA) size which is G.

Hope this helps.

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